Your Cash Flow Model Template

Cash forecasting at a weekly level is a best practice. But it is time consuming. It can take hours to create an error free forecast. Our software makes the process easy. And it can be used with ANY accounting system or without one. Ditch the spreadsheets and start today.

Replace your spreadsheet today!

Why should you use our app?

We take the pain out of using a spreadsheet...

Fast Data Load

Automatically load accounts receivable and payable data by invoice into forecast weeks.

Easy Roll Foward

Automatically roll foward your forecasting weeks for a new forecast and easily load additional forecasting data.

Error Free

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and the possibility of formula errors.

You don’t need to wing it anymore.

With Cashphlow, you get the data you need to keep your company running smoothly!

Automatically create a 12 week forecast, every week
Set cash goals
Easily adjust your forecasts for what-if scenarios

Customer results

"Forecasting cash at the weekly level allows us to closely monitor and manage our business. Cashphlow makes a time-consuming process fast and easy"

Daniel H.

"During the pandemic we used Cashphlow to provide cash forecasts to communicate the health of our business to our bank. It was critical to surviving"

Peter K.

"With Cashphlow I now have better visibility into my short-term cash to plan for payroll and other cash needs."

Ken B.