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Jessica Madison
May 7, 2023
CashPhlow Weekly Forecasting

Hello! Welcome to the only automated 12 week cash forecasting software! This is the first of many posts and we hope to help your business succeed.

What is Cashphlow?

Cashphlow is a simple, automated software application that will forecast your cash flow on a weekly basis. The application uses your actual data from your accounting system to create your forecast.  Inputs include the following;

  • Cash balance
  • Sales data (invoices)
  • Expense data (bills)
  • Credit card data
  • Payroll data
  • Credit line balance (or credit card balance)

All of this data is automatically placed into 12 weekly buckets based on the actual due dates.

The final product?

Your future weekly cash balance forecast.  

Why plan future cash? The simple answer is, so your business does not run out of cash!

ALL businesses should be planning cash for the future on a weekly basis. There is nothing more critical. If your business is not forecasting cash, how are you managing it?  How do you know there is enough cash to meet the requirements of the next payroll? Critical payments to vendors? Which customers should be paying you this week or next week?  All of these questions can be answered and cash managed if you have a simple cash dashboard.

We are here to help.  Send us a note at support@cashphlow.com and we will do our best to answer cash flow questions.  

Chris Hughes - Founder

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