Cashphlow is easy: Save time. Save cash.

It can take hours to create an error free forecast. Our software makes the process easy. And it can be used with ANY accounting system or without one.

Business Owners

Keep your company running smoothly

We know all too well how often companies go without proper management of their cash balance even though it’s critical for a successful operation. Start getting the answers to key questions about your company’s standing and potential for growth including:

  • Can I afford to hire another employee? When?
  • Can I afford to buy upgraded equipment?
  • Which of my customer invoices need to come in this week? By the end of the month? By the end of the quarter?
  • What bills are due this week and the following?
  • Do I have enough cash for the upcoming payroll cycles?
Finance Teams

Fast, Easy Reporting

Being able to get clear and succinct reports on your company’s cash management is an essential part of your regular workweek, but how much of your time is it taking up? Cashphlow follows the best practices in cash management to forecast cash weekly for 12 weeks in record time.


More leads that convert

Exceed your clients expectations without taking up as much of your time with Cashphlow. Provide the best practice and discipline of weekly cash forecasting service in an easy-to-navigate platform.

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